How to train using a heavy punching bag

Training with a heavy punching bag is an effective way of keeping up with your workout routine as long as you stick to some basic rules. I’ve seen friends of mine do a lot of mistakes over time, which is why I decided to write a short post about this.

The first piece of advice I can give you is to avoid staring at the bag too much. I know it might sound a bit weird, but I’ve noticed that most students either keep their gaze on the bag all the time or they’re not paying too much attention and, therefore, might risk injuring themselves. It might be a good idea to think of the heavy bag as an opponent, so look at it as a whole, as if you were about to receive hits from one angle or another.


Keep your balance as best as possible. In other words, try to avoid throwing yourself at the punching bag. Be sure to stand on both of your feet as this will allow you to perform correct hits and further develop your skills. Maintain the position of your head and try not to use it for hits because it will make you lose some of the balance and could just as well leave you open for uppercuts in a match.


9When punching, you’re supposed to ground your feet. Whatever the circumstances, do your best to avoid pushing the bag as it might end up swinging and could just as well hurt you. Besides, you’ll have to put in a lot of effort to hit it again if it’s swinging, and you’ll grow tired much faster. To get the most out of a punching bag routine, I personally recommend doing sessions of about three to five seconds, especially if you’re only beginning. You can gradually increase the amount of time you’ll be throwing punches to ten seconds or more, once you start to get it right and you will notice that you don’t get tired as quickly as when you were while starting out.

Breathing correctly is especially important as it will allow you to concentrate a whole lot better. The better you will breathe, the higher will your chances be at perfecting your skills. Believe it or not, endurance and power have very little to do with actually throwing punches. Some say that it depends on one’s focus, and I couldn’t agree more.


Another tip I can give you is to keep being active even when you rest. It stands to reason that you will grow tired at some point or the other, but it’s important to avoid relaxing too much as you will find it considerably more difficult to get back to punching the bag if you just keep standing, without making any movements. At least do some stretches to make sure that your muscles are all right. If you’ve grown too tired already, perhaps you ought to throw superficial punches so that you keep moving all of the time but preserve some of your stamina.


I use these tips on a regular basis when I do my heavy punching bag routine, and I thought it would be useful for you to check them out. The important rule to keep in mind is that small steps are often more effective than greater ones because they add to your resistance and expertise.

Buying some training gear for my home

th1In my ongoing effort to get in better shape, and to give my Muay Thai training a little boost I have decided to set up a personal gym in my home. Some of my friends like to joke saying that they already have their own gym since they own a jump rope and a set of small barbells, but I knew I was going to need a little more equipment than that. After doing a lot of research and talking to a few local trainers I had a pretty good idea of what I would need to get the best results out of my workouts. While I did buy a jump rope, along with some barbells I added a few more items to my personal gym.


th2One of the first things I purchased was a good pair of bag gloves, along with some supportive tape. I need my hands for my daily job and my workouts, and the best way to protect them during training is to keep them protected. I admit I don’t always wear my gloves, they can get a little hot and sweaty, but I do keep my hands and knuckles taped whenever I am working out. Some of the trainers I spoke to also recommended shin guards, but since I am working out at home I’m not that worried about accidentally kicking myself.



I was lucky enough to not have to buy a heavy punching bag, thanks to a friend who had one he never uses. I did have to buy the mount and chain so I could hang it securely from the ceiling. These accessories can be easily found at any local hardware store or in some cases stuffed in a toolbox hidden in the back of the garage. Since I had a little money left over, thanks to my generous friend, I decided to splurge on a speed bag. Not only does this give me a great cardio workout, it also improves my balance, focus and eye-hand coordination.


Inexpensive resistance bands were also added to my home gym, along with a few free weights for strength training. There are a few other pieces of training gear I am looking forward to adding to my gym, as soon as my budget allows it. An angled heavy punching bag is first on my list, and it will probably replace the traditional one my friend gave me. These multipurpose punching bags are great for hits and kicks, and are almost necessary if you want to perfect various Muay Thai training techniques.

How I Like to Escape the Stress of Daily Life

Working as a financial consultant is the type of job that is bound to make stress part of your life. I have been doing this for years, and if I learned one thing over this time, is that you should never let stress get the better of you. People find different ways to fight stress, but for me, there is one thing that makes everything better and that is exercising and exercising hard. I don’t need my doctor to tell me that I need to watch out my stress levels. I think I’m smart enough to figure that out on my own.


Let me tell you a secret. When you are exercising, you are not just training your body, you are also training your mind. Has it ever happened to you to get back from work and have your mind still set on the things you’ve been working on? Your mind needs to relax, just as your body do, and if you just remain with your head buried deep in your problems at work, that will not happen. Even worse, you will not find any new solutions to your problems, if you just get stuck in a loop with no escape in sight.

That is why I love exercise as the most important way to fight off stress. When I exercise, I focus only on the movements I do, and this way, I allow my mind to rest, as well. I do not realize it at first, but as I progress through my routine, I feel like a large burden is lifted from my shoulders. Exercising is the ultimate way to practice mindfulness and no longer letting my mind wander to the problems I encountered throughout the day really helps.

th2Nothing, and I tell you once more, nothing counts towards a happiness treatment than a tough exercising regimen. As you strain your muscles and you push yourself harder and harder, you discover that you are getting more into the movement and that you feel better and better. The high release of endorphins you are experiencing after a while makes you feel strong, powerful and like sitting on top of the world. I love that feeling; whenever I feel like the world out there is getting the better of me, I grab a pair of dumbbells and I start challenging myself. When I’m done, I feel like I am ready to face the world again.

Doctors may tell you that there is no better mood regulator than exercising. Being in motion is what we have originally been meant for, not spending day after day behind a desk. So, my advice is, if you want to get rid of stress, to start exercising right away. For me, it really works wonders!

Some muay thai training tips

In an effort to improve my overall health and get back into shape I recently signed up for a Muay Thai training class. I liked the fact that this sport not only combines fitness and nutrition, it also works on improving my ability to focus. Another reason I choose Muay Thai is that everyone can play the role of a student and teacher, once they’ve mastered a few of the training techniques. This means that there is always room for everyone to learn and grow.


After several weeks of training I’ve learned a few things and if you are interested in Muay Thai here are some tips to help you get started. I do want to point out that I am still learning, just like you, and will continue to post updates as my training progresses. Here is what I’ve learned so far.


The most important tip I have is that you don’t have to train to fight. You can also use Muay Thai to burn calories, get a great cardio workout and simply have fun. There are not any rules that state you must progress to fighting, but if you choose to do so make sure that it is under the watchful eye of a professional trainer. For myself, right now I just want to get in shape so I am only concentrating on progressing through the workouts.


Stretching and other warm up exercises are a must before you start working out. Not only will it get you in the right mindset, it will also help prevent injuries that could sideline your training. It is also just as important to cool your muscles down after your workout. Taking five minutes before and after each workout will significantly decrease your risk of injury. This is also the first thing I was taught when I started my Muay Thai training routine.


At some point your training will progress to sparring with a partner or in some cases a  punching bag. When I was searching for such a product I found useful to read reviews on Muay Thai heavy bags and you should also. In this way you will make sure you’ll get one for your needs.

The most important thing to remember is to have fun. It should be a learning experience and in this case there really isn’t a “winner” or “loser”. You will want to concentrate on your balance since this is necessary for effective defensive positions, and in some cases it can also put a little more power behind your jabs and kicks. If you are sparring with a partner try and spot any repetitive movements since this can give you a slight edge when you are trying to get past their defenses.


I have also learned that knowledge is important in this sport. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, no matter how silly you might think they are. Not only is this the best way to learn everything you need to know, it can also help prevent mistakes that could result in injuries. Believe me when it comes to Muay Thai training you will probably have lots of questions. Hopefully I’ll be able to answer some of them in my blog.