Buying some training gear for my home

th1In my ongoing effort to get in better shape, and to give my Muay Thai training a little boost I have decided to set up a personal gym in my home. Some of my friends like to joke saying that they already have their own gym since they own a jump rope and a set of small barbells, but I knew I was going to need a little more equipment than that. After doing a lot of research and talking to a few local trainers I had a pretty good idea of what I would need to get the best results out of my workouts. While I did buy a jump rope, along with some barbells I added a few more items to my personal gym.


th2One of the first things I purchased was a good pair of bag gloves, along with some supportive tape. I need my hands for my daily job and my workouts, and the best way to protect them during training is to keep them protected. I admit I don’t always wear my gloves, they can get a little hot and sweaty, but I do keep my hands and knuckles taped whenever I am working out. Some of the trainers I spoke to also recommended shin guards, but since I am working out at home I’m not that worried about accidentally kicking myself.



I was lucky enough to not have to buy a heavy punching bag, thanks to a friend who had one he never uses. I did have to buy the mount and chain so I could hang it securely from the ceiling. These accessories can be easily found at any local hardware store or in some cases stuffed in a toolbox hidden in the back of the garage. Since I had a little money left over, thanks to my generous friend, I decided to splurge on a speed bag. Not only does this give me a great cardio workout, it also improves my balance, focus and eye-hand coordination.


Inexpensive resistance bands were also added to my home gym, along with a few free weights for strength training. There are a few other pieces of training gear I am looking forward to adding to my gym, as soon as my budget allows it. An angled heavy punching bag is first on my list, and it will probably replace the traditional one my friend gave me. These multipurpose punching bags are great for hits and kicks, and are almost necessary if you want to perfect various Muay Thai training techniques.

About me

Hello! I’m Brian and I’ve decided to open up a blog where I could share my experiences in day-to-day life, and especially those related to my hobbies. I earn my living by being an investment consultant for a major corporation, and that’s something that eats a lot of my time and nerves. This is why I want to avoid bringing any work-related subjects into discussion and try and refer to the small joys, hobbies and activities that help me keep my life on track.

Spending the day stuck on a chair, with my spine arched and my eyes in constant monitor-induced stress makes me experience the need to compensate in a dynamic manner, so I’ve been a constant client of my neighborhood gym for the past two years. I know most men go to the gym in an attempt to amp-up their muscles, but I love it simply because it is an excellent means to relieve the stress that build-up over a day at the office.


Although I’m thorough with my program, I try not to allow myself to fall into a robotic routine that I’m sure, in time, will become rather tiresome and useless. So I’ve been searching for alternative ways to keep my body occupied and my spirit free, and I’ve found that there is more to martial arts than the excitement of defending invisible adversaries with cool, Bruce Lee moves.

I’ve been taking up introductory classes and I’ve been doing a lot of research on the different styles and their impact on developing flexibility and reflexes, and the more I read the more determined I feel to take on more serious training.

However, as I told you before, I have a really busy schedule, and between long hours at work, my gym routine and these classes, I don’t really get to read as much as I would want. This is why I would really welcome any information, tips and recommendations from you guys. I strongly believe that sharing knowledge, even on a practical, utilitarian level helps us become better persons and broadens our view on the world and ourselves.


So feel free to comment, ask questions and speak your mind, and generally engage in any type of related discussion and I will do my best to be an active interlocutor. Until my next post, I wish you a good time and meaningful experiences!